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Joining beON means becoming part of an IT consultancy that

prioritizes excellence and stands out as a distinguished and respected brand in the IT sector.

Our commitment revolves around delivering top-notch IT services to our clients and fostering the growth of our talented team. We take our responsibility towards the future of our company and our employees seriously, ensuring that integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

A Collaborative and Agile Work Environment

As part of our team, you’ll find yourself in a network of agile teams composed of dedicated, focused, and cooperative professionals committed to creating value for our clients. You’ll have opportunities to learn from supportive leaders and colleagues who are experts in their fields, with skills that are vital in today’s market. We encourage you to bring your best ideas to work every day and to expect the same level of innovation from your peers.

Empowering Our People

We value collaboration and the unique contributions of our employees. Regardless of your location, you’ll be an integral member of a dedicated and diverse tech community, rich with opportunities for development and learning. At beON, we’re not just about work; we’re about building a culture where every individual feels valued, heard, and empowered to reach their full potential.

We create an unrivalled environment for exceptional people

  • be equal and inclusive
  • sustain a caring and respectful culture
  • develop one another through coaching and mentoring
  • uphold the obligation to your own opinion
  • govern ourselves as “one office”



At beON, we know that all great organisations start with great people.
We value the people who work with us and offer our employees a broad range of advantages:

  • Competitive Salary & Stability: If you’re ready to take on responsibility, you’ve come to the right place. Your experience matters at beON. You will receive above-average financial compensation in form of salary & benefits, job stability and motivating incentives.
  • Professional development & learning newest tech stack: Not only will you keep up to date with the latest tech stack, but you will also have the opportunity to develop individually within the company and in learning from external sources. In your career with us, you can constantly expand your own area of responsibility and work creatively as well as independently. You will have access to the tools and resources you need to succeed. A continuous learning curve is guaranteed.
  • Flexibility & Work-life balance: In addition to exciting career prospects, we offer you the flexibility with a hybrid working model to create a work-life balance tailored to your needs. You will be immersed in an appreciative environment that focuses on transparency, fairness and enjoyment at work. The positive atmosphere in the company is usually reinforced by voluntary team events such as joint lunches and after work drinks, sailing, lake festivals, Oktoberfest and shared skiing. In times of pandemic, the possibility of working remote from home protects your health and safety.

Impressive benefits

Benefits under German labour law: Leave entitlements, tax reduction after marriage, child benefits, children education, medical insurance, pension scheme; in addition: relocation support, sport club and accommodation reimbursement, language course and support in matters relating to visa and work permit

Competitive salary

We invest in our employees and offer highly-competitive, growing salaries with the possibility of a yearly bonus.

Career opportunities

At beON, we offer access to a high-quality portfolio of businesses and clients with opportunities to work across industries, gaining international business skills and fostering relationships with professionals to enrich your career. Your work will be challenging, meaningful, and keep you at the forefront of technological trends.

Leadership Programme

You bring an incredible set of skills, abilities, and interests to beON. We attract and retain leaders at every level of our organisation. We invest in our people and help them leverage their strengths to ensure beON is a place where talent thrives. If you take over the management of projects and people, your salary will be adjusted and gradually increase according to the number of employees you manage.

Learning & development

Learning is continuous at beON – from induction for basic consultant readiness, to specialized learning in technology, industry, or functional areas. Most people participate in our core set of programs, and we are constantly developing new initiatives. Training includes in-person and virtual learning with colleagues who can teach you about a specific topic or expand your skills. Our professional development plan focuses on enabling our employees to continue to lead in cutting-edge technological skills.

Coaching, Mentorship
and collaborative teams

Your learning will be supported. You will have peers and partners helping you grow and plan the next several years of your career—offering everything from objective guidance and professional development to informal mentorships and formal feedback reviews. Because ours is a culture of coaching, you are likely to find mentors wherever and whenever you need them. And you are encouraged to offer your insights, experience, and help to those around you.

Work-life flexibility

A dynamic and flexible work environment helps you address your personal aspirations and ambitions. With the possibility of flexible work arrangements, travel, and more, we work hard to help our employees have the diverse, interesting, and rewarding lives they seek. We recognise that you work hard—and we want you to pursue what you love outside the office. Raise a family, travel for fun, write that novel or screenplay, or help your community: a career at beON makes it possible.

inventorship and entrepreneurship

You are encouraged to be creative. It is finding new ways to invent a technical novelty or solve an IT business problem for our IT projects, our teams, and our clients. A great idea could change the way we work–or spark a brand-new initiative. We have inventors, entrepreneurs and new-business leaders in our company. Their great ideas influence beON and our clients, and they spark new digital initiatives.

Connections for life

The people you meet at beON will be your coworkers, colleagues, mentors, peers–and because of the collaborative, supportive nature of the culture, people here make friends for life. From your first team to our alumni network, the connections you make and the experiences you share will stay with you for the rest of your career, wherever it takes you.

Training and Education
For your personal development

“We are dedicated to investing in the training and professional development of our people. We have continuous developed our approach to learning with a focus on digitalisation and enabling our people to develop ideas, drive innovation, and build the highly-specialised skills they need to succeed and thrive.

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Starting out

You are probably interested in learning the newest technological innovations. Find out more about our job opportunities for those just starting out in their career.

Elevate Your Career in IT with beON

Are you ready to transcend the ordinary and dive into a career that challenges and excites you every day?

Join beON, where innovation meets opportunity.

Innovative Culture, Unparalleled Growth

At beON, we’re not just another IT company; we’re a hub for pioneers in the digital realm. Our dynamic corporate culture thrives on agility and the spirit of innovation, making us a cradle for the latest technological breakthroughs. Here, open communication isn’t just encouraged—it’s a way of life, ensuring you’re always at the cutting edge of future IT trends.


A Global Stage with Local Precision

From our headquarters in Kiel to our state-of-the-art offices in Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna, and Hyderabad, beON stands as a beacon of excellence in the IT landscape. Our global presence is matched by our commitment to local excellence, providing you with the platform to impact the IT world on a wide scale while fostering personal and professional growth.


Define Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

As part of the beON team, you’re not just following technological trends—you’re setting them. We empower you to unleash your potential, offering endless opportunities to refine your skills through exciting projects. At beON, work-life balance is not just a buzzword; it’s embedded in our culture, ensuring you enjoy transparency, fairness, and genuine fun while advancing in your career.


A Call to IT Visionaries

Are you prepared to take on responsibility and leave your mark on the IT industry? Join our legion of experts, where your contributions are recognized and rewarded beyond the industry standard.

Our human resources team is keen to explore the possibilities with you.

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