Enterprise Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence & Automation

We offer business intelligence, data warehousing, and integration consulting services to help you harness the power of business analytics. Our analytics experts assess current and future business and analytical needs, perform evaluations and architectural reviews, and either jumpstart your project or provide development along the entire life-cycle.

Most of the hype around data warehouse modernisation today focuses on warehouse platforms—the database management systems, Hadoop clusters, clouds, and other data platforms where warehouse data is stored and managed. These are important, and they are the source of many recent advancements. However, to get the greatest business value and technology innovation from a modernized data warehouse, we also help organisations modernise the tools and methods around the warehouse.

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beON’s Enterprise Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence services

  • Identification of the best cutting-edge technologies for your needs
  • Delivery of scalable and tailored solutions capable of catering to the data needs of Fortune 500 companies
  • Design of data architecture that enables reporting, analytics, predictive modeling, and self-service Business Intelligence, according to your business requirements
  • Development of framework definitions for the end-to-end transformation of your data
  • Data Warehouse Automation: an automation-first strategy enables your data warehouse modernization program to achieve development goals, not just platform goals; various manifestations of data warehouse modernization; modern tools and development methods can yield better warehouse development productivity and flexibility, more innovative designs, and closer warehouse-to-business alignment; key modernization techniques, such as pipelines, data vaults, metadata, and clouds; real-world use cases and value propositions for data warehouse modernization
  • Review and design of data quality procedures and reconciliation techniques
  • Design and implementation of the Extraction, Transform & Load (ETL) processes
  • Definition of technical functionality, allowing you to build the most compelling data warehousing and business intelligence environment possible
  • Selection and implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) & OLAP Tools according to reporting requirements
  • Agile multi-staged implementation and deployment of solution architecture (architected solution)
  • Data modeling and database design
  • Development of solutions for data discovery, data visualization, and in-memory BI technologies
  • Data integration with other applications, e.g. CRM, ERP etc.
  • Design and implementation of analytical sandboxes and hubs
  • Quality control, production roll-out and training