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What we do


beON solves your toughest challenges by providing unmatched IT consulting services.


We plan, build and deliver the newest technology platforms & software solutions at the highest quality for the digital success of our clients in the insurance, financial services, logistics, e-commerce and banking sectors internationally and in the EU, including Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

We offer a range of IT services- consulting to development and implementation—that allow us to help you sustainably increase profits and take advantage of digitisation's many opportunities.

Our agile operating model, cutting-edge technology expertise, high-quality services, and deep industry knowledge have allowed us to implement numerous digitalisation initiatives with well-known European companies.

beON's highly-motivated teams are dedicated to helping your business succeed in the digital future. beON builds intelligent links between all your business processes, making data accessible, increasing transparency, and supporting detailed workflow control.


Experience You Can Trust

Since 2010, beON has been a leading software IT consultancy, supporting enterprises with innovative software solutions and technology platforms. Over the years, we have accumulated deep industry knowledge, which is now an integral part of our company memory. Our past experiences continually enhance the quality of our future services, ensuring that we deliver the best solutions to meet your unique needs.




Financial Services






beON provides advanced IT services perfectly tailored to your digital transformation needs

Architecture & IT Strategy

Enterprise Architecture  |  Technology Architecture  |  Solution Architecture  |  Application Architecture  |  Governance  |  Security Architecture  |  Data Architecture
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SAP Excellence

SAP HANA  |  SAP Basis  |  SAP BTP  |  SAP S/4HANA Cloud  |  SAP Analytics  |  SAP Integration  |  SAP Fiori |  SAP Integration Suite  |  SAP Build Process Automation

Cloud Transformation

Hybrid Landscapes  |  Multi-Cloud  |  Cloud Computing and Storage  |  DevOps  |  CI/CD Pipeline |  SRE  |  Migration  |  SAP Analytics Cloud  |  S/4HANA Cloud

IT Security

Security for Infrastructure, Applications, and Testing  |  Identity and Access Management  |  Security in Depth  |  DevSecOps  |  SAP Security

Intelligent Technologies

Applied Intelligence and Decision Management  |  KI and Machine and Deep Learning  |  SAP Conversational AI & SAP AI Business Services  |  SAP Data Intelligence

Event Streaming

Plan & Build Event Stream Processing Platforms  |  Apache Kafka  |  IoT Device Management and Analytics  |  Distributed Systems  |  Integration and API Management

Integration & Automation

Infrastructure  |  Development  |  Microservices  |  Kubernetes


Data Management

Big Data Analytics  |  Data Science  |  Enterprise Warehouse Automation  |  SAP BW/4HANA  |  Business Intelligence


Independent Consulting and Strong Partnerships


We provide vendor-neutral IT consulting services, partnering with leading technology manufacturers for training and certification. This strategy keeps us at the forefront of innovation. By leveraging the latest advancements and best practices, we deliver maximum value and drive innovation across all business and IT sectors.
Our strong relationships with top technology providers ensure our consultants are well-trained and certified, enabling us to offer the highest level of service while maintaining our independence and vendor-neutral stance.

Our Approach

The beON Advantage. Discover What Makes Us Unique.

Our Clients

Empowering Enterprise Clients with Impactful Software Solutions

“Event streaming is a new way of using data. Event streaming is now at the digital heart of our business. beON consult has been supporting ERGO to create the software-based event streaming platform. The platform enables us to transport, process and respond to massive streams of event data in real time and securely. Given the increased efficiency, scalability and cost savings it brings, it’s no wonder that our business transactions are increasingly event-driven.”

IT-ERGO | Düsseldorf | 2024

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