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beON solves your toughest challenges by providing unmatched IT consulting services.


We plan, build and deliver the newest technology platforms & software solutions at the highest quality for the digital success of our clients in the insurance, financial services, logistics, e-commerce and banking sectors internationally and in the EU, including Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

We offer a range of IT services- consulting to development and implementation—that allow us to help you sustainably increase profits and take advantage of digitisation's many opportunities.

Our agile operating model, cutting-edge technology expertise, high-quality services, and deep industry knowledge have allowed us to implement numerous digitalisation initiatives with well-known European companies.

beON's highly-motivated teams are dedicated to helping your business succeed in the digital future. beON builds intelligent links between all your business processes, making data accessible, increasing transparency, and supporting detailed workflow control.



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Experience that counts

Our deep industry knowledge gives us the perspective needed to understand your unique needs. Our business solutions are built on years of experience, technology and process know-how, and IP accumulated over our time spent in the industry.

Insurance companies

In the insurance industry, the complexity and unpredictability of digitalisation represent significant challenges. With our years of experience and a vast portfolio of IT services, beON helps insurers convert challenges into opportunities. We help plan and implement the complex business changes necessary to reduce costs, manage risk, and accelerate profitable growth. It is our belief that difficult changes represent opportunities—and insurance companies can leverage these opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.
We are grateful to count some of Germany’s top insurers in our list of satisfied clients. Our strategic IT consulting, established delivery models and other intelligent IT solutions help your insurance company manage information, implement customer-centric customization, and digitize your processes.
Our qualified, experienced experts are dedicated to ensuring that you achieve the best results. We have a deep understanding of the challenges that face the entire sector, and we implement bespoke digitisation projects perfectly tailored to each company’s unique needs.

Financial Services & Banking

Though we understand the challenges it poses for Financial Services companies, digitisation of business processes represents a valuable opportunity for modernization. With the right innovative IT solutions, companies can grow revenue, increase margins, and enhance customer engagement and competitive differentiation.
Financial Services are exposed to high-frequency trading, driving a technology race for the fastest connectivity, data access, and computation performance. In addition, increasing oversight requires robust compliance solutions for ever-changing regulation.

We help Financial Services firms adapt their internal processes to new regulations. We offer IT service consulting, engineering services, data analytics, and tailored consulting services across business areas.
We draw from our industry expertise from working with numerous large German banks. Our first-class teams are composed to precisely match your project’s requirements and ensure your success.

Whatever the challenge,
beON has the competency

beON delivers advanced IT technology services and solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.

Digital architecture design & IT strategy


SAP Technology & Cloud journey for SAP

Integration & Automation (IaC)

Data Management


IT Security

Technology Platform Approach & Artificial Intelligence

Trusted Partnerships

We can help your business leverage SAP or Confluent across all business functions and in It areas such as analytics, cloud, connectivity, stream processing and mobility, to deliver value and innovation. By combining SAP and/or Confluent technologies with our architecture and implementation expertise, we deliver solutions that help you get a leg up on competitors, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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“Event streaming is a completely new way of using data. Event streaming is now at the digital heart of our business. beON consult has been supporting ERGO to create the software-based event streaming platform. The platform enables us to transport, process and respond to massive streams of event data in real time and securely. Given the increased efficiency, scalability and cost savings it brings, it’s no wonder that our business transactions are increasingly event-driven.”

IT-ERGO | Düsseldorf | 2024

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