Data Strategy, Architecture & Governance

We improve your data governance standards with a top-down evaluation of your data processes, including the measurement of data accuracy, accessibility, consistency, and completeness. In collaboration with your teams, beON’s IT experts develop a strategy to improve the control you have over your data.

We have years of experience in these kinds of processes, ensuring a coherent and consistent approach to the delivery of IT capabilities for our clients.

Data Management Services

  • Program planning, prioritization and funding processes
  • Data audits
  • Setup of Architecture Stewardship for the maintenance of architectural policies and standards
  • Provide Data Stewardship to ensure quality, consistency and integration
  • Change management expertise to help your organisation migrate smoothly to the new solution
  • Set expectations and measure results along the way

Your new IT Architecture: from Design to Implementation


Our broad technical skills support the development of your IT architecture from design to successful implementation.

  • Our IT architecture services guide you through the process of planning, acquiring, building, interfacing, and deploying IT resources while identifying the precise technologies needed to satisfy their business needs. We help you build unique high-level IT systems, including design, full implementation and operation in on-premise, private and public cloud data centre.
  • When developing an IT architecture, we support decision-making about your IT landscape, policies, principles, standards, and solutions, as well as the IT products already being used.
  • Our IT architectures help you to ensure your IT interoperability inside and out, helping you make consistent IT planning, development, and purchase decisions, as well as aligning the different information technology providers within your company. The architecture provides a way to communicate company directions and changes to your IT developers, reducing the IT maintenance and support requirements and helping in future migrations to new technologies.
  • We use our experience and technical skills to evaluate your existing IT environment, the staff and skills a company already has, how it operates, and its operational maturity level. Once we understand what drives the organisation, what challenges it faces, and how to best communicate, ensuring we can successfully integrate various teams, projects, and solutions into the existing operational environment.

beON offers two types of IT architecture services:


Technical Architect Service

We work with your own Technical Architects to ensure they retain the overall responsibility and competence to preserve the conceptual integrity of the IT architecture, from design to implementation.

We help you ensure that the various pieces of your technical architecture fit together and function in tandem. We make sure your system performance (e.g. response time) is in line with the performance predicted at design time. We closely monitor the overall costs of hardware and system software so that they within the budget established at design time.

A sustainable IT system design has the necessary flexibility to facilitate future change and expansion. We maximize our development teams’ productivity through the use of practical technical standards, the establishment of development environments with appropriate tools, and technical training and orientation of the development personnel.

  • Development of the optimal technical solution in the context of our client's environment, requirements, and financial resources.
  • Provision of a quality IT System that provides good performance, effective human-machine interfaces, optimal operational costs, and flexibility for future change.
  • Maximization of the project team’s productivity through installation of effective development environments, establishment of programming, design, and other technical standards, the training of team members, as well as advisory and trouble-shooting support.
  • Creation of a base for all technical issues and initiatives.

Solution Architects Service

We help your Solution Architects ensure the technical integrity and consistency of all IT solutions in an IT architecture or at a certain implementation stage of an IT project.

  • Our Solution Architects coordinate IT activities, engaging with all aspects and activities of a company’s IT initiatives, from concept definition to analysis and implementation of IT requirements, up until the transfer to IT operations.
  • beON Solution Architects have broad knowledge, and their services include support for outsourcing development to external teams.
  • Our Solution Architects are trained to assess and identify risks associated with technology. We offer a risk alert system which includes red flags to alert about an IT project with uncertain requirements. A project’s risk status can change constantly due to untested technologies or concurrent deployment of multiple technologies.