Secure your IT System

Safeguard your data from unauthorized intruders—we guarantee your data’s availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

beON secures your digital enterprise from the ground up. Our industry-leading IT security solutions not only protect you from accidental loss, data error or attack, but help you predict when they will happen, then proactively respond. At the same time, we ensure compliance while protecting your data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints.

Our end-to-end security solutions range from expert advisory services and consulting to fully-managed security operations. We can implement an integrated, holistic approach to effectively protecting your enterprise, systems, endpoints, users, processes, applications and data. Our range of services mean that we provide more choices for implementing digital technologies, including cloud, mobility and advanced analytics.

Security Advisory Services

We assess risks, define, and implement business-aligned strategies to optimize readiness.

Intelligent Security Operations

We provide tailored solutions to support security operations across your digital enterprise while monitoring and responding to the evolving threat landscape.

Identity & Access Management

We offer a variety of identity and authorization solutions, from provisioning and access governance to strong authentication and public key infrastructure.

Infrastructure & Endpoint Security

We provide design, installation, and integration of perimeter, network, endpoint, infrastructure and advanced threat protection solutions.

Data Protection & Privacy

We take a holistic approach to securing sensitive data across as it is created, used and distributed. The theft of IP, personal data, or business critical information is a growing threat. Our solutions are tailored to recognize sensitive information by business verticals and apply the appropriate controls, including technical, compliance-driven process controls to mitigate risk and ensure customer confidence.

Cloud Security

We develop policies, technologies, and controls to protect your data, applications, and their associated cloud computing infrastructure of cloud computing.

Application Security

We accelerate release cycles with resilient applications. We help you develop, run and maintain your applications securely. Our skilled professionals create an end-to-end security architecture that reduces your threat exposure and protects not just your applications, but also the valuable data they store.

Security Risk Assessment and Management

Our global security strategists assess your business’s risks, threats and vulnerabilities—helping you protect your valuable assets.

IT Defence

We shift to a proactive security approach that builds resilience into your traditional networks and endpoints—spanning the cloud, mobile devices and the internet of things. Our advanced innovations and proven risk management models are designed to stop even the most determined cyber criminals through attack surface reduction, advanced threat services, security transformation, and breach readiness & response.

“We tailor security solutions to our clients’ industries and help them build resilience across their entire value chains. realistic security concept helps our clients to build, operate and maintain their IT systems. Security starts in the beginning of a project, not in the end. It is understood as driver to achieve more quality during project implementation. Our security approach is reasonable and compliant so that our clients can innovate safely and grow their businesses with confidence.”

Ralf Nellessen, Senior Security Architect

beON consult