Multifaceted Training Programme

We are dedicated to investing in the training and professional development of our people. We have reinvented our approach to learning with a focus on digitalisation and enabling our people to develop ideas, drive innovation, and build the highly-specialised skills they need to succeed and thrive.

The centrepiece of this policy is our Training Centre in Kiel, a blend of classroom-based training and a digital learning environment that links our employees to professional content and world-class experts from inside and outside beON.

The new training centre in Kiel will enable our people—be they information architects, IT specialists or any of the diverse skilled professionals within the company—to enrich their professional capabilities, develop the critical skills needed to stay market-relevant and enhance their own career opportunities.

beON’s Learning opportunities are comprised of:

  • Virtual Sessions

    connected virtual classrooms that enable beON people in multiple locations—often spanning thousands of miles—to participate together in interactive and collaborative sessions taught by beON’s senior leaders and excellent subject-matter experts. beON plans to double the number of its virtual sessions.

  • Classroom Learning

    regional learning centres, which offer beON employees a more traditional classroom-learning environment and help develop the company’s talent locally.

  • Professional Communities

    the newest learning environment among the beON trainings, bringing together beON colleagues around the world who do similar work, such as big data analytics, or who specialize in a specific industry, such as insurance. Communities are typically comprised of 10-30 employees spanning all levels and provide a forum to create strong ties with colleagues through professional and social activities.

  • Employee Resource Groups

    often organised around common interests, these differ from location to location. Employee resource groups promote inclusion and diversity through education, awareness, professional and personal development, and cross-cultural interactions. All of our employee groups are open for any of our employees to join.

  • Industry Certifications

    as strategic partner of SAP, Confluent, Red Hat and other technology partners, we offer our employees to obtain various industry certification options from our technology partners.

At beON, you never stop learning

“Constant learning is integral to our success—and to having the best talent in the industry, which is why we make education—from basic skills to industry-specific content—available to all our people.”

Sridhar Narini, Chief Innovation Officer

beON consult GmbH

1. Start learning even before you join

  • Training begins even before you join beON. Core programmes, required for all our professionals, provide employees with the foundational skills they need (including courses on culture and our core values, ethics, leadership behaviours, and business acumen). The resulting shared language allows us to build teams from many countries and disciplines to meet our clients’ needs.

2. Grow your competencies with specialized courses

  • beON’s training programmes are tailored to individual needs, and the courses that employees choose depend on their skills, experience, and areas of interest. We offer online courses, virtual classrooms and other key learning resources. Our people can find resources to build new skills and enhance existing skills.

3. Continue your growth with every job

  • Professional development is at the heart of what we do. beON is always looking for innovative and new ways to provide training. Since you will be working with the world’s leading companies, you will be learning on the job every day—from your work, your project team members, your mentors, and others.

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