We support our client`s IT delivery at the speed of modern business

We fully embrace DevOps as it is a genial software engineering trend that brings development and operations stakeholders together to streamline IT delivery.

DevOps represents a culture change in IT, and we would like to support you with this new approach. Leveraging a powerful combination of complex delivery experience, proprietary and open-source tools, beON’s DevOps services help companies define, implement and run DevOps to compete successfully in today’s high speed business world.

We support you to use automation techniques for deployment, environment set-up, configuration, monitoring and testing. Together, this accelerates the interaction between your development teams, which focus on building applications, and your operations teams, which are accountable for releasing and maintaining those applications.

Ultimately, if you join DevOps trend with us, it will make your business faster, deployments to market more predictable, radically more efficient and it enables your company to sustain their competitive edge, enter new markets and scale your business. We are confident that your ability to roll out business capabilities continuously will be the difference between your company evolve and others stagnate.

Your Benefits

We help implementing DevOps which ensures our client`s speed and lower risk

Faster time to market through streamlined software delivery

The ability to make frequent, predictable, low-risk releases to production makes IT departments more agile and decreases deployment times. Instead of waiting for a monthly production release cycle, features can be made available in days rather than weeks or months.

Increased productivity

Using DevOps practices, the teams are more productive and deliver new functionality faster by removing bottlnecks such as manual testing. IT is able to improve response time to business needs.

Lower risk through automated quality

With frequent deployments, developers receive real-time feedback about quality. They are able to respond immediately, enabling an environment of continuous learning. Early identification of quality concerns, reduces errors across the lifecycle.

Resiliancy and enhanced security

A continuous delivery DevOps approach results in systems that are scalable and resilient. As a consequence, operations are auditable, more stable and secure under significant pressure or change.

More effectiveness through transparency

Complete transparency not only shortens communication channels, but also the feedback loop and reduces problem cases to a minimum. As a result, tasks can be completed more easily and solved more quickly by the collaborative team members. Ultimately, with the help of DevOps, the company’s expectations can be met precisely and the end product receives improved support.

Our DevOps consulting services

We support our clients continuously deliver across the application lifecycle.


beON has successfully applied DevOps practices to support the digital transformation of large companies. Automation practices have been part of the beON service offer for years. Within beON, we have trained and educated DevOps and Agile practitioner teams available immediately. beON has an extensive portfolio of assets for DevOps, which includes maturity assessments, automation practice, plans for many innovative technologies, connectors for common tool choices and methodology frameworks for all aspects of the adoption.

Our services include

DevOps Strategy

  • Analysis: we assess your existing software delivery maturity and provide feedback into the opportunities that DevOps will bring
  • Assessment: we develop a DevOps value case by means of productivity, speed and quality
  • Client-tailored Action Plan: we initiate activities with your DevOps-related stakeholders and support mobilization efforts required for DevOps implementation
  • Design Framework: based on the maturity analysis, we define a DevOps framework to support an IT Operating Model based on DevOps principles

DevOps Architecture

  • Roadmap: we create an architecture roadmap, covering existing investments, future target state and concepts like micro-services and containers
  • Technical architecture: we create state-of-the-art technical architectures for DevOps practices backed by many years of experience with automation to support complex delivery across digital and enterprise applications

DevOps Implementation

  • Organisational Change: we build an IT Operating Model, based on DevOps principles, into the organisation through training, workshops and working alongside key stakeholders
  • Governance: we implement a DevOps governance structure, enabling establishment and ongoing improvement of DevOps capability
  • Build and Deploy Automation: we implement automation tools supporting Continuous Delivery and DevOps capabilities along with automation improvements
  • Tool Platform: we run and operate the automated tool platform, helping select the right blend of tools and infrastructure solutions to meet the organisation’s needs

DevOps Integrated Approach

  • Capabilities: we bring together the capabilities needed to implement Continuous Delivery for our clients, including IT strategy, deep industry knowledge, change management and large-scale application delivery
  • Agile: we provide several options on how to organize Agile teams for Agile projects
  • Security: we provide end-to- end security solutions, alerting to risks and building resilience
  • Test: we adopt automation techniques in security, performance and functional testing to allow for a comprehensive automated test approach