As a Silver Partner, beON has demonstrated experience with SAP technology products. Our relationship with SAP allows us to offer collaboration and co-innovation initiatives. Our customers, mainly in the insurance and banking sectors, also benefit from our partnership with SAP. As a service partner, we have access to the latest versions of SAP technology and direct information from the software manufacturer.

beON’s experienced consultants and developers with SAP-related expertise have supported companies of all sizes across diverse industries. We have broad expertise and project experience with SAP’s broad range of high-performance solutions for countless different business divisions. We help streamline business processes, minimize the need for coordination between departments, and close gaps in digitalisation. This generates significant cost savings across your entire value chain and maximizes the transparency of your business processes.

  • ERP processes with SAP S/4HANA

    beON helps you to implement S/4HANA is SAP’s comprehensive ERP system into your company’s everyday processes: sourcing and procurement, logistics and supply chain management, research and development, human resources and finance.
  • Customer communication with SAP C/4HANA

    In today’s digital world, sales and marketing have become increasingly important; changing customer behaviour has also made them more complex.


    With S/4HANA, SAP offers its own suite of solutions that make it possible to communicate with customers via a range of modern communication channels.

  • Security Service Risks, protection, and safety

    Today, as threats grow and systems become more complicated, IT Security requirements are constantly increasing. beON’s Security Service supports you in Security and Risk Management.


    To remain secure against internal and external threats, your systems require regular inspection and continuous maintenance. In order to maintain a reliable assessment of your system’s security status and all security-relevant areas of the landscape, authorisations need to be monitored closely.

  • Moving SAP applications to the Cloud

    Supporting your transition to Cloud Computing

    With beON, you can get the business benefits of Cloud Computing faster.


    We have the people, experience, processes, and technology to help with the complexities of your cloud migration to optimize your assets after launch. With our Cloud experts, our portfolio of fulfilled Cloud projects, and many workloads migrated, you can be sure you are in safe care:

    • Assessment, strategy and roadmap: we start by supporting companies define their way to the Cloud, providing industry-tailored know-how. We assess business requirements and current technology to create a plan that brings you on the Cloud smoothly.
    • Cloud transformation and migrations steps: we offer the processes as well as tools to modernize applications, build Cloud-based apps, and transform clients’ architecture and infrastructure effectively
    • Cloud management and optimization: beON becomes a part of the client company, supporting them to maximize the value they get from Cloud investments. We offer Cloud management support, tools for establishing cost controls, governance, and accountability—all with the goal of supporting our clients evolve to a DevOps approach.
  • Analytics: Sophisticated analytics to enhance business performance

    beON helps leading organisations harness the power of analytics.


    The analytics landscape is undergoing a revolution. Innovations such as in-memory, improved access, mobility, and predictive analytics are opening up a new world of possibilities.

    This revolution is driven by changing business needs. organisations want much more from their analytics solutions than simply a single version of the truth in order to drive effective decision-making and meet reporting requirements. Today, organizations have unprecedented quantities of data, and they need it at their fingertips, whenever they want it, wherever they are.

    By combining SAP’s tools with our industry expertise, beON delivers analytics solutions that drive competitive advantage, reduce costs, and increase revenue for our clients.

    beON Analytics applies experience and solutions to reduce risk and increase efficiency, helping you compete on analytics across any business function or process, in any industry, in any part of the world.

  • beON helps you focus on data

    Getting your data right is the foundation for strong business processes and solid analytics in the digital economy.


    Increasing numbers of farsighted organisations are investing in the tools, capabilities, and skills needed to improve the quality of their data and enable access to complete, consistent, timely, and trusted information across the data lifecycle—from creation to retirement.

    They are improving the efficiency of their day-to-day operations, transforming the quality of their decision making and outperforming the competition. Our research confirms that a more sophisticated analytics orientation is an indicator of high performance.

    beON provides our clients with a unified service that provides timely, accurate, consistent, and complete master and transactional data across the enterprise and to business partners, enabling creation of real value.

    Find out more about data conversion which is the process of transforming and transferring data between systems when changing, upgrading or merging computer systems.

  • S/4 HANA

    As executives, your IT strategy challenge is to use relevant digitisation solutions to make sure your existing SAP landscape is ready for the future.


    beON accompanies you along your company’s journey of digitisation. We work with you to develop individual roadmap for the integration and expansion of existing and future on-premise landscapes, Cloud infrastructures, business networks, and Internet of Things infrastructures.


    New Technology, new business processes

    SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA have the potential to dramatically change and improve all critical enterprise functions, from logistics and customer service through to marketing and finance. They enable businesses to run in real time, providing the ability to transact, analyse, and make instant and proactive predictions in an increasingly unpredictable world.

    S/4 HANA allows you to rethink your business processes from the ground up. The system combines internal and external sources of information, displays information and findings in real-time, and bundles these with innovative business processes. As such, S/4 HANA is a central component of your business’s digital transformation.

    When implementing a switch to S/4 HANA, our experts examine your existing SAP systems and work with you to plan the optimal approach. beON carries out this switch, including transforming or migrating business data into a new system. During or after rollout, beON implements the optimised or innovative business processes within the new IT landscape and, upon request, continues to support the system afterwards.

    Organisations take various routes to implementing and driving business value from SAP HANA. These range from the tactical addressing of a single business process through to a full-scale transformation with SAP S/4HANA.

    beON leverages our deep industry knowledge, technical know-how, and unsurpassed delivery capabilities to drive breakthrough results for our clients. We can help your business leverage SAP S/4HANA to deliver value and innovation across all business functions, as well as in areas like analytics, Cloud, and mobility.

“By combining our broad industry expertise and leading digital capabilities with SAP, we will generate new business value for clients in unprecedented ways which were not seen before.”


Thomas Conrad, Managing Partner

beON consult