How we work

beON chose an agile organisation model

  • When beON was founded fifteen years ago, we decided against the classic hierarchical organisational structure with decision rights flowing downward and the most powerful governance bodies at the top. We felt that the classic management model is static, siloed, rigid and slow moving. A hierarchical structure with costly overheads limited value for our clients.
  • Instead, beON decided to test new ways of operation and we introduced an agile organisation management within the company. In the past years, the agile operating model proved itself. We are guided by a powerful common purpose to co-create value for our clients. As consultancy seeking benefits for our clients, we benefit from our agile operating model which allows for quick and efficient reconfigurations of strategy, structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creating and -protecting opportunities. It makes us adaptable and ensures dynamism and stability.

“To succeed in today’s marketplace, technology must be aligned with the business. beON’s expert teams deliver high-value consulting services in a single package, helping their clients develop IT strategies that minimize risk and maximize their existing investment.”

Thomas Conrad, Managing Partner

beON consult GmbH

Our agile organisational features distinguish beON from other consultancies

  • a network of autonomous IT teams
  • fast decision cycles enabled by the latest technology
  • people-centred culture that encourages rapid learning
  • inspire staff to identify, engage and work with passion
  • use of next-generation-enabling technology
  • link employee goals with business priorities
  • invest in managers’ capabilities
  • recognise performance with differentiated rewards
  • Scalable projects
  • available in your time zone

From organisational chart to dynamic organism

Over the past years, beON has grown and managed to gain highly-qualified international IT professionals, all connected by their passion for the latest software technologies. Based on the unique needs of each client, we group and re-group our skills into agile IT project teams. Our clients work directly with our talented IT experts, IT architects, and developers to obtain optimal service. Our spirit is teamwork delivery and performance in an agile, dynamic and stable organisational network.

beON consult GmbH agile operating model team