Congrats: ERGO Embraces Real-Time Data Streaming, Event-Based Architecture, and Microservices Transformation

Confluent provides the industry’s only enterprise-ready Event Streaming Platform, driving a new paradigm for application and data infrastructure. With Confluent Platform you can leverage data as a continually updating stream of events rather than as discrete snapshots.

Kafka Project @ ERGO


In 2019, ERGO decided to implement Confluent Kafka by its trusted implementation partner beON consult.


Improve ERGO`s customer experience through data while staying compliant with industry regulations


beON implemented Confluent Platform for ERGO to stream data in real time, migrate to an event-based architecture and embark on a microservices transformation

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beON consult GmbH confluent

What is Apache Kafka?


Apache Kafka® is a distributed streaming platform that:

  • Publishes and subscribes to streams of records, similar to a message queue or enterprise messaging system.
  • Stores streams of records in a fault-tolerant durable way.
  • Processes streams of records as they occur.

Kafka is used for these broad classes of applications:

  • Building real-time streaming data pipelines that reliably get data between systems or applications.
  • Building real-time streaming applications that transform or react to the streams of data.
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Quelle: Confluent

What motivated ERGO to go for Kafka?


The transformation in ERGO …

  • improves ERGO`s customer experiences with streaming data.
  • capitalizes on the next generation of open-source, cloud-enabled, real-time and responsive application and software development.
  • designs new services faster and meet the needs of ERGO’s diverse client base.
  • helps the business lines bring up new services faster while helping the development teams navigate complex data ownership, security, cloud and regulatory compliance.
  • enables the insurance to become a technology and data-driven organization.
  • integrates data from various backend systems into a forward cache, improving performance, simplifying consumer-facing application development, and reducing demand on costly mainframes.

What are the results for ERGO?


Streaming Data Empowers ERGO to be Data Driven

  • Higher quality, faster and scalable customer services
  • Reduction of Mainframe costs
  • Accelerated delivery of new solutions
  • Establishment of a platform for future expansion
  • Facilitating Innovation
  • Increased efficiency in application building
  • Lowered anomaly detection time from weeks to seconds
  • Implemented data reuse across teams for relevant business insights
  • Stream across on-premises and public or private clouds
  • Mission-critical reliability: Stream at enterprise scale, delivering sub-25ms latency at GBps throughput.
  • Secure ERGO streaming platform with enterprise-grade encryption, authentication, and authorization.