Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Bots for Process Automation & Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence & Bots


The desire for automated processes and innovative business models has increased in the age of digitisation. beON’s support is based on the latest technologies: Artificial intelligence, Cognitive Services, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning.

In principle, the methods and algorithms of artificial intelligence imitate the human ability to see, hear, analyse and understand—in image recognition or the processing of natural language, for example. For a long time, however, the data (often known as “big data”) required for deep processing, as well as the computing power available, were insufficient to make use of A.I. technology in the consumer and enterprise markets. Now, the time has come and we support you.

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beON can also help you take advantage of Blockchain technology. Blockchain is a form of peer-to-peer communication in which computers are equally connected in a network. It promises further decentralisation of business and service models. A long chain of data blocks enables extremely fast and decentralized storage and encryption of transaction data. A major advantage of Blockchain is that data records can be exchanged via the system within a very short time and can be verified by all parties involved. Processes run faster and transaction costs fall sharply.

What makes Blockchain so safe? Validation and storage of transaction data is decentralized across the network, so there is no dependency on just one server. Transaction data is distributed on each node of the network in a chronological, transparent, forgery-proof and encrypted way. Cryptographic encryption links data blocks together along a long chain. This encryption and linking of information make transactions unchangeable, traceable and virtually tamper-proof.


Big Data Analytics


We help you put your data to work—to harness all the possibilities represented by big data—and to unlock your organisation’s future. In the digital world, data is the most valuable currency. Data-driven organisations can achieve significant gains through the implementation of continuous improvements, predictive planning to improve customer satisfaction, quickly making informed decisions, eliminating waste, and reducing risk.

Big data analytics is the process of examining large and varied datasets—known as big data—to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences, and other useful information that helps organisations make more informed business decisions.

With over 50 billion objects set to be networked by 2020 and 900 million people sharing information on social networks every day, millions of links become billions of events generating trillions of data items. This is the realm of big data, where diversity, volumes, speed of analysis, and value generation for the customer are the qualities that demand new architectures and new usage paradigms.

beON’s big data services include

  • Business case definition, requirements engineering for Big Data analytics and data source identification
  • Definition of a specifically-tailored architecture design for big data analytics (which fits into the overall architecture of existing IT environments)
  • Refactorization of technology stacks and selection of appropriate technology tools and platforms
  • Generation of data analysis and models for extracting maximum value from various internal and external data assets/sources using the knowledge of our skilled data scientists
  • Deployment of deep insights into a variety of model families, including Classification, Clustering, Anomaly Detection, Optimization algorithms, and Predictive analytics models to match the client’s specific goals and requirements
  • Implementation of advanced solutions for capacity auto scaling, threat modeling, and the automation of IaaS operations, etc., according to the demands posed by the growth rates of the operational big data

“You no longer need to rely on instinct. Data analytics provides fact-based information for important business decisions. We support our clients to use machine learning to identify new upselling potential, simplify sales strategy and customer requirements process using descriptive analytics. Our consulting services include big data analytics to ensure data quality, scalability, availability, relevant technology selection, and ensuring company-wide data governance.”

Thomas Conrad, Managing Partner

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